Are you using

Your Brand

Your Website

Your Data


Your data is unsafe

Your business account is accessible by anyone!

Anyone who knows your mobile number can easily access your Partner App and access your business data. They can have a look at the order report, alter discounts, edit reviews and also turn off your website.

Your personal information is public

You're working with a company that is not compliant with GDPR Policy

Your personal mobile number and email address is publicly visible on your website and also on the Kitchen portal. This way any stranger can be a threat for you, in today's technology your mobile or email account can be hacked with the help of your mobile number and email address. Or simply someone can even spam you or you could be phished.

Your website and mobile applications are filled with errors & bugs

Poor server, sluggish mobile application and unresponsive website

The website you have is unresponsive most of the time and the mobile application crashes quite often. On top of that the server network is so poor that you might face downtime quite often.

About us

The customer service or the technical support is not proactive, it is always reactive. You never get your issues resolved instantly and it takes ages to look into your concerns. We don't have dedicated business managers to look after your account. We are not a multinational company, we're just a start up with minimal resources. We are way behind in terms of technologies and your business is always at stake when you're with us.

Make the right choice

It's time you secure your business and plan the future of your business

Don't get deceived by the packages and deals we're offering you, we can't promise how long this is going to last. We may run out of capital and resources anytime soon. End of the day we all see only money but it is also important to find a stable future for your business.

There are many multinational EPOS companies out there who are very professional and compliant to all sorts of UK law and regulations. Make sure you choose the best and plan the future of your business in a more safe and secure way.